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Godfather took birth in the 1980 s and has become the biggest success story of the organisation

Godfather Beer is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the country and is also the market leader in various North and Eastern States of India. The beer is also exported USA, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

Godfather beer: Godfather premium beer & godfather lager international quality beer. Godfather premium beer has an alcoholic percentage not exceeding 8% and godfather lager international quality beer has an alcoholic percentage of 4.5%


Godfather beer is exported to a few countries and the product is being well received in the foreign markets. Presently the exports are being done to New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan & UAE.



Godfather Legendary Premium Beer has Extra smooth & Full Strength flavour with good mouth fullness. Godfather Legendary Premium Beer packs a punch for a Strong Beer lover! 

Godfather Lager - 4.5%

A subtle brew of the very bestmalted Barley with alc. 4.5% v/v is an experience of a lifetime. Godfather Lager is brewed for a refreshingly easy drinking taste, with a perfect blend of malt and quality German hops to give it a clean aroma, sparkling finish and a smooth taste.

Godfather Strong

Godfather Strong Beer has a smooth, full bodied flavour with a stable head and good mouth fullness. Godfather Premium Beer packs a punch for a true beer lover!

Godfather Strong

Godfather Strong Beer has a smooth, full bodied flavour with a stable head and good mouth fullness. Godfather Premium Beer packs a punch for a true beer lover!

All Seasons Whiskey

All Seasons is a signature brand and perfect for all events. Created using nothing but only the most carefully selected ingredients, this whiskey has a smooth mouthfeel and its amazing taste lingers on the palate for a long time.

Star Walker Whisky

It’s a uniquely created blend, created out of select charcoal filtered premium grain spirits, subtle and aromas, under the hawk’s eyes of and expertise of Scottish master blender.

Barneys Seltzers

At its 6% ABV, it’s the day drinkers best friend.

The drink is a zero sugar/ low calorie alcoholic beverage crafted precisely with premium elements to give you a 7 star experience.

Inacan Cocktails

InACan is delicious, low-calorie cocktails that can just sit, ready-to-go, in your fridge. Experience the satisfying snap of a can, the sounds of the drink effervescing, the delightful aromatics that tickle your nose and a fantastic, satisfying flavour that satiates your desires with every InACan cocktail!

Kamet Single Malt Whisky - 46%

Kamet is aged in a combination of ex bourbon American oak , ex wine French oak and ex Sherry casks

It is non chill filtered and bottled with no added colour at 46%

Jin Jiji

Jin Jiji India Dry Gin – 43%

It is dry gin hand crafted Indian gin, small batch distilled.

Jin Jiji Darjeeling Gin – 43%

On the palate Jin JiJi Darjeeling has a warm assertive spice character that tastes of herbs, orris and ginger with a lingering citrus and tea brightness. 


Khortysta Platinum Vodka – 37.5%

It is not just soft -but exquisitely soft, with harmonious taste and aroma.

Khortysta Ice Vodka – 40%

This vodka has a very refreshing taste due to the aromatic spirits of mint and lime in the recipe. 


Morosha Spring Vodka – 37.5%

The combination of mineral water and alcohol  Luxe supply the recipe of this vodka with a hint of classic vodka. 

Morosha Sinevir Vodka – 40%

The combination of natural water and alcohol Luxe, aromatic alcohols of lime and eucalyptus gives this product a unique taste. 


Shustoff 3 year Old Brandy – 40%

Shustoff 5 Year Old Brandy- 40%

The main feature of this brandy is the production according to the patent blend, the recipe of which is dated 1959. The blend includes French spirits and selected spirits of own production. This brandy is the masterpiece of brandy craftsmanship.

Kotsberg Pilsner

Perfect blend of malted barley, rice, quality German hops with no added sugar.

Sparkling finish, a clean aroma and a smooth taste, at 4.5% abv.